Read what our customers say about FLUICS CONNECT and how they integrate the mobile inventory tracking in their daily lab routine.

"Before FLUICS CONNECT it was difficult to keep an overview of all our freezers and storage cabinets. Now, with the QR-coded labels and the mobile app, we easily keep our inventory updated and avoid double orderings of reagents."

Jennifer Diemer

Lab Technician, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research

“With FLUICS CONNECT mobile app we easily keep the overview what is stored in our freezers. We save time and money to find our client’s test-samples as well as our own samples and reagents.”

Dr. Ralf Strasser

COO, Dynamic Biosensors GmbH

“FLUICS CONNECT helps us to better plan experiments and get new students faster on board in our lab. Thanks to the smear proof QR-coded cryo labels I don’t need to worry about losing samples due to poor labeling.”

Dr. Katarzyna Tych

Principal Investigator, Single Molecule Biophysics Lab, University of Groningen

“In a large group like ours, it can be challenging to coordinate ordering among subgroups, maintain orderly storage, and conserve knowledge for future scientists. FLUICS CONNECT helps us keep our inventory updated, prevents double ordering, and encourages collaboration. The mobile app is a big hit in our group!”

Dr. Andrew Holle

Postdoc, Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research

“FLUICS CONNECT was very simple to install and we quickly imported our separated spreadsheets to the online database shared and updated by the whole lab. Finding reagents and updating the inventory has never been easier.”

Dr. Carsten Troll

Project Leader Macromolecular Chemistry, Technical University Munich

"With FLUICS CONNECT we can quickly label samples and update their information through the app directly in the lab. From the shared sample database we can efficiently extract information for our data analytics and reliable statistics."

Dr. Remco Stam

Group leader Phytopathology, Technical University Munich

“FLUICS CONNECT helps us our Startup to register our samples and experiments in a sustainable way and transformation our research results into a commercial product.”

Dr. Ryan Sherrad

Labmanager, DEOXY.BIO