App features

Inventory database

The app
Android app5.0 or later
iOS app11.0 or later (iPhone, iPad)
Web appChrome, Firefox, Safari
WorkspacesUnlimited PRO Workspaces (see price list); 3 FREE Workspace
Users per workspaceUnlimited (PRO and FREE)
LabelingQR codes + human readable text (PRO); Hand labeling (FREE)
Connected printersUnlimited (PRO; see price list)
Registered items and locationsUnlimited (PRO); 500 (FREE)
Cloud storage25 GB
Inventory import (Excel)✔︎
Inventory export (Excel)✔︎
Sample management
Unique item IDs✔︎
File uploads per item10
Hierarchical location list✔︎
Single items✔︎
Item series✔︎
Quick items✔︎
Item propertiesUnlimited
Property typesnumber
single-value list
multi-value list
Sample tracking
Barcode scanning (1D and 2D)single and batch mode
Text search✔︎
Image search✔︎
Activity loggingFull depth
Expiration alertplanned
Filling level alertplanned
Security and support
Server location (cloud)Germany
Secure loginDynamic PIN (via email)
SecuritySSL encryption
Server backupdaily
Customer supportPhone (PRO Workspace users only), Email, Whatsapp, Telegram

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