Find the right print station for your lab

Imagine everyone in the lab to print solvent resistant labels for all bottles and containers in seconds. Including hazard pictograms…

Print Station

One Label Type

Solvent resistant labels for your lab

  • RAPID LABEL mobile and web app account
  • Unlimited users
  • Pre-defined print layouts (incl. GHS pictograms)
  • Auto-fill date and username
  • Search and edit previous prints
  • Substance list upload
  • 1x cloud printer
  • One labels type (choose from Type 4, 5, 6, or 7); one roll, including ribbon and cloud print service*

1,260 EUR

One-time investment**

Print Station

Three Label Types

Print different label sizes on the fly

Everything from Print Station One Label Type plus:

  • 2x additional cloud printers
  • 2 additional label types (choose from Type 4, 5, 6, or 7); one roll each, including ribbon and cloud print service*
  • 1x 5 port ethernet switch

2,960 EUR

One-time investment**

*One printer per label type is required.

**Guaranteed print service for 4 years after last labels purchase.

Label types

The following label types are available for FLUICS RAPID LABEL.

Click on the labels below for more information.

Type 7
“GHS large”

Type 6
“GHS small”

Type 5
“blank large”

Type 4
“blank large”

Type 1
“cryo extra small”

Additional RAPID LABEL account
Lifetime license for existing FLUICS customers.500 €


Additional label printer
Additional cloud label printer (without labels; for usage with additional labels package)720 €
Shipping & handling Printer45 €
Shipping & handling Labels15 €

Try it out.

We have a demo Workspace where you can try out the RAPID LABEL mobile and web app. Download the mobile app for free. No registration required.

Upgrade your lab.

Your FLUICS RAPID LABEL station is only a few clicks away…

Prices apply for EU customers only.
Customers in North America, please order directly at our distributor Innovation Diagnostics' online shop.

Prices and availability for all other countries upon request.

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This offer is only available for academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses. It does not apply to consumers.