FLUICS PRINT for DÜPERTHAL connect Installation guide

 What you need

✅ A computer with Internet connection.

FLUICS activation key for authentication (sent by email). If you can’t find the key, don’t hesitate to contact FLUICS support at support@fluics.com.

DÜPERTHAL connect account with admin rights.

FLUICS Online Label Printer with the yellow box.

Ethernet port with Internet access for the yellow box.

With these resources and a little preparation, you’ll be ready to start your installation.

1. Install and configure the FLUICS PRINT settings

Login to your DÜPERTHAL connect account and activate FLUICS PRINT with your key.

Didn’t receive or can’t find the activation key? Write to print@fluics.com

2. Connect your printer to the Internet

Unbox the printer,
connect the cables and turn on the printer as shown in the video below,
make sure a stable connection to the Internet is established.
⚠️ Depending on your IT infrastructure, it might be necessary to register the MAC address of the yellow box (written on the bottom of the box) for Internet access.

⚠️ Only the yellow box needs access to the Internet to receive print jobs. The printer itself does not need to be registered as a local printer and no print drivers need to be installed.

If all the lights of the yellow box are on and only “Status” blinks every 3 seconds, the printer is ready to print. Otherwise, refer to the troubleshooting steps described here.

🎉 Congratulations

The printer is now paired to your eLabNext account and ready to print your labels.

⚠️ In case you get an error message when printing the first label, please check if the print ribbon is well positioned and didn’t fall out during shipping. 

4. Print labels for storage locations

5. Print labels for articles