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by Dr. Claudio Rolli |
20. January 2020 |

We have implemented cool new features to our app: Inventory export, adding items to existing series, workspace personalization,…

Inventory export

Export a snapshot of your whole inventory database including all storage locations and properties. It is only one tap in the app and you get your Excel inventory list directly sent to your email account. So finally you can import and export your whole inventory.

Add items to existing series

For an existing series of items you can now choose to either append the series with a single item or a series of many items.

Workspace personalization

Make your workspace fit to your lab. As a workspace administrator you can change the main picture and name of your workspace.

Workspace personalization

Even smoother than before. We have fixed some bugs to make the user experience of the app even more enjoable.

Last, but not least…

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback and let us know if you enjoy the new features or if you want to request new features. We will listen to you. Promised!

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