Sample Tracking: highlights 2020, insights 2021

We know, we know — lots of us looking forward to 2021, because not so much left to say about 2020. 😀

We hope the things to calm down next year, the lessons of this year will be learned and, in the process, the need for new global digital solutions will probably turn out to be one of the biggest trends of the decade.

We believe 2021 is going to be extraordinary for research, and we are positioned as ambassadors of digitization to help so many research labs thrive. Thank you for your trust in 2020.

Stay healthy and tuned for the best! Happy holidays!

Claudio & FLUICS Team

A brief peek into our 2021…

January 25-27: Meet us at Digital Conference on Life Sciences Research and Technology

14 international startups have been selected to present their products at the Innovation AveNEW of coming SLAS 2021.

We are proud and excited to announce: FLUICS CONNECT is one of them!

Spot us at NETFLIX “Biohackers” Series – Season 2

Fans of a bright and talented rising star of FLUICS CONNECT QR-coded labels can soon see them all again: the Season 2 of “Biohackers” is announced to be released by summer 2021! 😉

Those who missed Season 1 of “Biohackers” Series by Netflix can still watch them here. Enjoy!

We’re launching a loyalty program

Peeling of qr code labels with gloves

If you know a fellow research lab which could profit from our product, do not hesitate to spread the word and tell your colleagues how FLUICS CONNECT is helping your lab to keep an overview over all the samples.

Beginning January 2021, we give away 1000 labels for every new customer that you refer to us and who buys a FLUICS CONNECT “Starter Pack” or “Premium Package”.

…and a quick glance back at 2020

New pricing plan: pay once — use for a lifetime

We gratefully hear the wishes and requests of our customers and readily reflect them in the features we develop, as well as in our pricing plans.

Thus, we have recently shifted from a subscription based service to a single lifetime licence fee for our PRO Workspaces.

Discover our new pricing plan

Print labels via your ELN

Electronic lab notebooks are amazing tools to track all your experiments in one place. But for those who want to go further and track the samples and reagents in the lab connecting a label printer to ELN has been a pain.

With FLUICS Print we have developed an out-of-the-box solution to print labels in your lab.

Check out our add-on for eLABJournal to see how it works.

Analytica Fair 2020: the digital transformation is here

For this year’s Analytica Virtual event we have teamed up with Labforward, Integra Biosciences and Better Basics Laborbedarf to showcase the Connect-The-Lab workflow as part of the Digital Transformation special show.

Watch the bright result of our collaboration (1 min video.)

Check the latest FLUICS App features

Find 4 latest releases introducing new app features, such as: Excel export, appending new items to existing series, highlighting items with a ⭐, customizing properties preview, quick print (drag-and-drop), scan history, bulk scanning, bulk editing…

Check out latest release notes

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