Research labs shut down worldwide due to COVID-19

by Dr. Claudio Rolli |
7. April 2020 |

The impact of safety measures by governments worldwide to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 has also a tremendous impact on life sciences research labs. An overwhelming majority of 87% of all the academic and pharma/biotech labs worldwide were affected. Either by being completely shut down (48%) or running at reduced capacity (39%).

At the same time lock-downs affected more academic labs than the ones in industry with 10% of the academic labs and 22% of the industry labs being fully operational.

By asking the scientists of how they feel about the current situation It was shown that their work is considerably impacted due to COVID-19 and many scientists were worried that the economic downturn would limit their ability to work.

The survey run by the the Scientific Advisory board and the BioInformatics Inc. collected data from 1.178 participants up to the 2nd April 2020 by the Scientific Advisory board. These results also resonate with our own data and we thank all participants who participated at our own own poll.

Need more information?
Check out the BioInformatics updates on lab closures or
read the full survey results by the Scientific Advisory.

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