Profit from COVID-19 induced tax and price deduction

by Dr. Claudio Rolli |
1. July 2020 |
Life sciences sample tubes for COVID-19 test with yellow labels

Tax deduction

The German government decided to deduce the value added tax form 19% to 16%. Until the end of 2020 which we will pass this directly on to our German customers.

Special COVID-19 research deal

We are offering for a limited time a 30% life-time discount on a PRO Workspace to all companies who’s research is aimed at fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The offer is valid for new customers who subscribe to our service until the end of 2020. Customers need to prove their involvement in COVID-19 related research.


Contact us now to claim your offer and ask for more information. Start today to boost your research with our flexible, sustainable and easy to set up sample management solution.

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