Inventory management for research labs: A one-time investment for your lab’s future

by Dr. Claudio Rolli |
21. October 2020 |
label printer with smartphone and cryo tube

FLUICS CONNECT, the flexible and out-of-the-box inventory solution for research labs is now available as a one-time investment with no subscription fees attached.

Over the last months we have been listening to you as researchers, lab managers and group leaders. Many of you, our prospect customers, were reluctant to commit to a subscription-based inventory solution.

But we are not only listening, we also take action. We are excited to share with you a simplified pricing model that meets your needs; you should only pay for our service when you and your lab get a clear benefit in return.

We are also thrilled to be part of Virtual Analytica Fair 2020, where we teamed-up with three other innovative companies to showcase the Connect-The-Lab workflow as part of the Digital Transformation special show: Labforward, Integra Biosciences, and Better Basics Laborbedarf.

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