App update 6/20

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Cool new features are now integrated in the FLUICS CONNECT app!

Make sure you have the latest Version installed on your mobile device (Android 3.21, iOS 3.23) to use these new features:

Check out the screenshots below to see what is new.

Quick print

Drag and drop the printer icon to the quick print field and all selected labels will be printed on the printer of the previous print.

Quick print works for all labels such as locations, items and series with one single tap!

Excel templates with properties

When requesting an Excel spreadsheet for importing inventory items to a Workspace it is now possible to pre-populate the spreadsheet with the property names and types that are already in use.

View scan history

A list of previously scanned FLUICS CONNECT labels is now accessible by dragging the scan button on the history icon.

Automatic location

Newly added items, series or locations are now assigned by default to the current location from where they were added. Changing the location is still possible later at any time as it was before.

If the desired storage location is already know then directly add new items there.

If new items, series or locations are added to the workspace without knowing where they will be finally stored, it is recommended to add them to the root location of the workspace and move them from there to their final location at a later stage.

New search screen

When starting a new search the location filter is automatically set for the current location. To search through the whole Workspace click “reset” before starting the search.

Alternatively, start a search from the root location to make sure the whole Workspace is being searched.

When an external keyboard is used, hit enter to initiate a search request.

Deactivate members

Workspace Administrators can deactivate members that are no longer part of the team, people that should not have access any more to the inventory database or for any other reason.

Deactivated members loose access to the Workspace while user-related items remain unchanged.

To restore the access for deactivated members, they can be invited again by the Workspace Admin.

Users can also leave a Workspace on their own:

Improved stability

The communication between mobile app and cloud server in the background is now even more robust. Especially, when the Internet connectivity of the mobile device is not very stable.

Last, but not least…

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback! Let us know if you enjoy the new features or if you request other new features to make your life in the lab more fun.

We will listen to you. Promised!

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