Cool new features are now integrated in the FLUICS CONNECT app!

Make sure you have the latest Version installed on your mobile device (Android 3.11.0411, iOS 3.13.0411) to use these new features:

  • Highlight favorite items and locations with a ⭐
  • Customize item property preview
  • New invitation features
  • Minor fixes for improved Excel export and import

Check out the screenshots below to see what is new.

Highlight favorite items and locations with a ⭐

Quickly recognize important items and locations in list views or directly search for them in the new “Favorites” search tab

Customize item property preview

Choose which property details you want to see in the list view.

New invitation features

  • Resend or revoke previously sent invites.
  • Instant invitation through QR code sharing from phone to phone.

Minor fixes

Spreadsheet formatting was improved to better import and export inventory information via Excel spreads.

Last, but not least…

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback! Let us know if you enjoy the new features or if you request other new features to make your life in the lab more fun.

We will listen to you. Promised!