App update 10/20

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Cool new features are now integrated in the FLUICS CONNECT app!

Make sure you have the latest version installed on your mobile device (Android 4.11, iOS 4.13) to use these new features:

Check out the screenshots below to see how it works:

New barcode scanner for bulk scans

Long awaited and now finally here! Scan many items in one session simultaneously

  • Tap and hold the scan button and drag it to bulk scan icon.
  • A new bulk scan session is initialized and all scans are being added to a list.
  • Tap “Clear all” to remove all items on the list or swipe left to remove individual items.
  • Tap “Check” button to open the search results screen and bulk edit (move) items.

Bulk move items to update locations

Need to update reagents stored in drawers or samples in freezers? This feature will brighten up your day!

Quickly update the location of many items in one run.

  • Use the bulk scan or text search to get a list of all the items to be moved.
  • Tap and hold to select one ore more items.
  • Use “Select all” to move all items.
  • Tap on the location icon and choose the new location and confirm with the “Check” button.

Scan history including bulk sessions

Want to go back and add something to your last bulk scan session or double-check which single items you have recently scanned? No problem! The history of all bulk scan session and single scans is right at your fingertips.

  • Access the scan history from the Inventory home screen by dragging the scan button to the search icon. That’s it.

Alternatively, the scan history is accessible from the single or bulk scan menus.

Property text input via barcode scanning

Tired of typing text on the keyboard of your mobile device? Make the best use out of QR codes.

Many (offline) browser extensions are available to quickly transfer lots of text, web links, etc. from a computer to a mobile device.

Add one of the suggested extensions to you browser and simply fill item properties with what you need.

Offline QR Code Generator (Firefox extension)

Offline QR Code Generator (GitHub)

Offline QR Code Generator (Chrome extension)

  • Choose the property to edit
  • Tap on the scan button
  • Scan the barcode
  • Optionally edit the text
  • Tap “Save”

Last, but not least…

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback! Let us know if you enjoy the new features or if you request other new features to make your life in the lab more fun.

We will listen to you. Promised!

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