App update 06/21

lego scientist with reagent bottles in his hands

The FLUICS CONNECT Web App: a long-awaited and often asked-for feature is out now:

100% compatible with the mobile app!

  • Manage your inventory from your computer
  • Share item-links with other applications for documentation (LIMS, Lab notebook, Word,…)
  • Use the keyboard to quickly enter text
  • Copy & paste text or URLs in item properties
  • Attach files (PDF, images,…) to items directly from the PC
  • Scan QR codes with the mobile app

Our mobile app is highly appreciated to retrieve and edit sample information and update storage locations in the lab. However, when planning experiments and searching through the database for stored samples or register new samples where a lot of text is added to the item properties working from a normal PC is more comfortabel.

FLUICS CONNECT is now combining the best of two worlds!

Are you ready to try it out?


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