App update 01/22

by Dr. Claudio Rolli |
6. January 2022 |
lego scientist with reagent bottles in his hands

Here is what’s new

💡 Make sure you have at least the following FLUICS CONNECT version installed:
Android 4.41.1219; iOS 4.43.1220; Web 4.45.1117


Share items among your mobile apps

Sharing links to items and locations is now integrated in the mobile app.
This makes it super easy to link all the reagents and samples used in an experiment to your documentation tool or share them with your colleagues.

💡 Sharing several links at once is also possible: Long tap/click on one item in the list view to open the selection view. Select all items to share and then tap/click on the share icon.


Search for property names

A new search filter allows you to search for all the objects with a specific property name. Of course you can also – as before – search for any property value that you are interested in.


Remove properties

Remove a property of an item or location if you don’t need it any more.
This is also useful if a property was added by mistake. 😉


Last, but not least…

Thank you for your bug reports and feedback! Let us know if you enjoy the new features or if you request other new features to make your life in the lab more fun.

We will listen to you. Promised!

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