Print labels straight through your ELN from any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

The truly plug & play label printing solution for SciNote. Printing labels from SciNote is as easy as clicking on a print button. Printed labels include QR codes for easier identification and “finability” of samples, reagents, biological specimens, or other inventory items stored in SciNote.

Out-of-the-box and quality-tested label prints for use in life sciences labs. No programming or coding required.

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PRINT package for SciNote

Out-of-the-box label printing with validated printing parameters, barcode configuration and best-in-class cryo-proof labels.

  • 1x Activation key: “FLUICS PRINT for SciNote”
  • 1x Cloud printer
  • 1,000 smear-proof cryo labels (Type 1) including ribbon and cloud print service
  • Label design with tested print settings for optimal scan- and readability (incl. QR code, SciNote ID, sample name)

      1,220 EUR one-off

      Additional labels starting at 0.19 EUR/label.

      Label types

      The following label types are available for FLUICS PRINT for SciNote.

      Click on the labels below for more information.

      Type 1
      “cryo extra small”

      Type 3
      “extra small removable”

      Additional activation key “FLUICS Print Add-on for SciNote”500 €
      Additional label printer
      Additional cloud label printer with 1,000 smear-proof cryo labels (Type 1) including ribbon and print service1.100 €
      Additional cloud label printer without labels for usage with additional labels package
      720 €
      Shipping & handling Printer45 €
      Shipping & handling Labels15 €

      Upgrade your lab.

      Your SciNote label print solution is only a few clicks away…


      For troubleshooting your printer or ordering additional labels, please contact support@fluics.com.

      For questions related to the SciNote inventory features, the SciNote print Add-on, or label layouts please contact directly support@scinote.com.

      Prices apply for EU customers only.
      Customers in North America, please order directly at our distributor Innovation Diagnostics' online shop.

      Prices and availability for all other countries upon request.

      For payment details, shipping conditions please refer also to our Terms of Service.

      This offer is only available for academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses. It does not apply to consumers.