FLUICS Print for SciNote


Connect your samples in the lab to your Electronic Lab Notebook. Hassle-free solution to print QR-coded labels directly from your Electronic Lab Notebook with the free FLUICS Online Label Printer. Truly plug & play: Connect the printer, activate the Add-on and start printing.

We have validated the best printing parameters, barcode configuration and label material for you.


SciNote is a top-rated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for labs in industry and academia. It covers inventory, team, and project management in GxP, CFR21 part 11, R&D, and even academic teaching environments.

Successful onboarding of all users in the lab, data protection, and your IP ownership is our main priority. If you are a large organization, SciNote’s API allows you to connect it with your LIMS and similar systems. Transfer of data to SciNote is possible and available.