FLUICS Print for Laboperator


Connect your samples to your Laboperator account. A Hassle-free solution to print QR-coded labels directly from your lab routines with the free FLUICS CONNECT Online Printer. Truly plug & play: Connect the printer, activate the Add-on and start printing.

We have validated the best printing parameters, barcode configuration and label material for you.


Laboperator is an efficient Laboratory Execution System that allows researchers to connect all devices in the laboratory. Able to both monitor and automate existing equipment, it is an affordable way of integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into the laboratory environment, a move that will stimulate great change in the way research and development are conducted.

With a ‘Plug’n’Play’ approach, the Laboperator facilitates experimental procedures, streamlining complex processes and putting control into the hands of the scientist. With Laboperator, a researcher can execute workflows and monitor an entire experiment remotely, allowing greater accessibility in the laboratory. With this system, the laboratory environment can be made more efficient, as a number of repetitive tasks can be carried out by automated devices that stream experimental data straight onto one centralised platform.