FLUICS Print for Labfolder


Connect your samples in the lab to your Electronic Lab Notebook. Hassle-free solution to print QR-coded labels directly from your Electronic Lab Notebook with the free FLUICS Online Label Printer. Truly plug & play: Connect the printer, activate the Add-on and start printing.

We have validated the best printing parameters, barcode configuration and label material for you.


Labfolder is a leading Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that streamlines scientific research documentation. With its advanced search capabilities and top range data documentation features that ensure compliance and replicability of research, the Labfolder ELN is being quickly adopted by laboratories all around the world. On one hand, the Labfolder ELN enhances standardization and precision of data documentation in the laboratory, and on the other, it retains the flexibility that research teams require, creating an environment that is tailored to the demands of specific research fields and teams.

Labfolder offers a free version (available up to 3 users) or an advanced version with access to all its extensive features. ELN research data can be stored on a multi-tenancy cloud, single-tenancy cloud or on-site, giving the user further flexibility. With a user-friendly interface, strong, reliable security features and a comprehensive inventory system, the Labfolder ELN is making laboratory data globally more accessible, efficient and smart.