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Connect your labels to your Electronic Lab Notebook. Hassle-free solution to print labels directly from the sample database in your Electronic Lab Notebook with the free FLUICS Print Add-on for eLABJournal. Truly plug & play: Connect the printer, install the Add-on and start printing from eLABJournal.

eLABJournal offers an intuitive and flexible solution to manage information in your lab. The all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook also includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management. eLABJournal improves efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching and archiving data, samples and protocols.

Premium support from fellow scientists is available at all times to find a digital solution that fits with your lab.

FLUICS Print package for eLABjournal

Out-of-the-box label printing with validated printing parameters, barcode configuration and label material.

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FLUICS Print Add-on for eLABJournal


Online Label Printer




  • FLUICS Print API key for eLABJournal Add-on
  • Online Label Printer
  • Label Package M 1000 labels (yellow; 13x25mm; cryo and smear-proof)
  • Two default label templates including eLAB item ID, QR code, sample name, owner initials and storage date
950 € one-time investment

No subscription fees; additional labels starting at 0.16 EUR/label

Price list

Label Package M (1000 labels)Smear-proof; Size: 13×25 mm; Color: yellow250 €
Label Package L (3000 labels)Smear-proof; Size: 13×25 mm; Color: yellow500 €

Label specifications

Online Label Printer (incl. Label Package M)720 €

Printer specifications

Custom label layouts
Custom layout template for standard label (13×25 mm)50 €/template
Custom layout templatefor special label typeupon request


All prices include packaging and insurance.
Printer (DE)32 €
Printer (EU)45€
Printer (ROW)upon request
Labels (DE+EU)15 €
Labels (ROW)upon request

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