FLUICS CONNECT inventory management

Mobile first

Sample management where it is needed the most. Everywhere in lab.

Access to the lab’s database from any smartphone or tablet. No barcode scanner needed – it’s the camera of the mobile device.

Cloud printing

Label printing through the cloud with our Internet-ready label printer.

Connect multiple printers to one workspace and print labels from remote through the app.

Smart labels

Every printed label has a unique ID, a 2D barcode that can be scanned with the app, and three lines of free text. User name and date are added automatically.

Tough labels

Labels are designed for long term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196˚C) or ultra low freezers (-80˚C) and resist temperatures up to +100˚C.

Labels withstand abrasion and exposure to organic solvents such as Ethanol and Isopropanol.

Storage locations

Dedicated “location labels” allow for keeping track of where to find every single inventory item in the lab.

Serial labeling

Labeling aliquots, batches, series has never been so easy.

Easy to apply

Labels are easily handled and stick permanently on all dry and even moist surfaces.

Tracking sample history

Linking individual items to one another makes it possible to track experiments with full data integrity.

Get started today

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