Replacing an empty label roll

In this tutorial you learn how to replace an empty label roll.


1. Turn the printer off before opening it by pushing the power button for 3 seconds. Then open the printer lid by pulling the blue knobs on the sides towards you.

2. Remove the empty roll by pulling up the axis up and removing the styrofoam ring on the right.

3. Remove the remaining last labels from the transport roll in the front.

4. Place the new label roll and the styrofoam ring on the axis. Push the axis down and make sure it is well adjusted (“click” sound).

5. Open the label centering guides by gently pushing them away from each other.

6. Place the label tape in-between the centering guides and gently push them together until they touch the label tape on both sides. Make sure to pull the label tape that it touches the transport roll in the front.

7. Close the printer firmly by pushing the lid down until you hear a “click”.

8. Turn the printer on by pushing the power button and wait 3 seconds until the LED turns green. Then press the „forward“ button and the labels will move a bit forward.

Congratulations! You are ready to continue printing your labels.

If the printed text is misplaced you may navigate in the FLUICS CONNECT app to “Printer settings”, push the use “Calibrate printer” button and wait a few seconds before you start printing again.