Frequently Asked Questions

The app

Can I use the FLUICS CONNECT app for free?
Yes, definitely! You can download the app and register your workspace for FREE.

It takes only a few steps to start your mobile sample inventory. All explained on our “Getting started with the FLUICS CONNECT app” page.

Read the quick on-boarding guide.

What will I get after downloading the app?

When opening the FLCUICS CONNECT app you can explore and use all the inventory features: Register your FREE workspace, invite your lab members, add locations, items, edit properties, import and export Excel spreadsheets with inventory data.Read the quick on-boarding guide.

How can I enter my inventory data?

Adding inventory data to your inventory Workspace is very simple.

Two different options are available:

  • In the App: Add new Locations, Items or a Series with of items and specify their properties. Templates help to minimize the input needed for similar locations or items.
  • Excel import: To import large numbers of items or your existing spreadsheets to your Workspace you can request an Excel import template in the App, receive it by email, fill it out and send it back to import it in your Workspace.

Pictures, PDFs and other files can be directly uploaded from within the App.

Can I use my smartphone in the lab?

Smartphone usage regulations are different from lab to lab. Although the touch screens of almost all smartphones work with latex and nitrile gloves regulations on biosafety may prohibit to do so to avoid contamination with hazardous material. A dedicated smartphone or tablet for the lab can help to solve this issue.

We have tested different smartphones for an optimal QR code scanning and log battery lifetime which you can also purchase through us (see Pricing).

Can I create a group and share work with my colleagues?

Yes, definitely! You can invite as many colleagues to your FREE workspace as you want. With your invitation they receive an email with a link to download the app and their personal activation code.

Can I combine FLUICS CONNECT with other scientific tools?

Yes, you can do this. With the Excel export feature you can download a snapshot of your whole database and further process the data with other tools like R, Python, Matlab, etc…

Can I access FLUICS CONNECT offline?

FLUICS CONNECT is a mobile inventory management solution. To access its services your mobile device needs internet access via W-LAN or mobile data. If you have a PRO workspace, the label printer connected to your workspace requires a working ethernet connection through a LAN cable. For situations where an ethernet connection is not possible, we offer a 4G mobile printer connection (see Pricing). For backing up your inventory database you can download a snapshot of your whole workspace at any time.

What do other researchers say about FLUICS CONNECT?

Read the testimonials and hear what our customers say and for which specific use-cases they use FLUICS CONNECT in their labs.
Read the testimonials.

Label printing

Can I change the material and layout of the labels?

We have tested many different label materials, colours, sizes as well as what information is printed on the labels and how the QR-codes can be scanned with different mobile devices.

Although there will never be a “one size fits all” solution we worked hard to find a good compromise for our users in life sciences research labs where samples – often in small tubes – need to be sterilized with ethanol or isopropanol and are stored in freezers and liquid nitrogen.

Please reach out to us if you have special needs. We are happy to listen, answer your questions and find a solution that fits your needs.

What operating systems and devices are supported?

Our app is available for all mobile devices running on Android (5.0 or higher) or iOS iPhone and iPad (iOS 11.0 or higher).

From the app you can import and export Excel files to your computer and a browser-based app is planned.

What about printer maintenance and warranty?

Once the printer is connected to a power outlet and the Internet it does not require special maintenance. From the app you can check the connection status of the printer at any time, and even print test labels, recalibrate and even reboot the printer if something should go wrong. Also the LEDs on the CONNECT BOX of the printer show the connection status.

When the labels or the printing ribbon run out you have to replace them by hand.

With your yearly PRO workspace upgrade we provide you with new labels and ribbons and if needed you can order them directly through us.

The printer has a warranty of two years from the date of purchase. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

Data storage & safety

How is my data protected in FLUICS CONNECT?

The workspace databases are only accessible through private tokens which are validated during the login procedure: only you and members of your workspace can access its information. All communication between the client (your mobile device) and the printer to the server is SSL-encrypted.

Daily recovery backups of the workspaces are made to prevent loss of data.

See also our Privacy Policy and GDPR.

Can I export my inventory?

Absolutely! From the app you can Export a snapshot of your whole intentory information at any time. You will receive an Excel file by email with all information about the stored items and their properties.

This is useful if you need to report your about all your stored samples and reagentd during an audit, if you wish to have a private backup or if you want to migrate your inventory to another electronic database.


Why the name FLUICS CONNECT?

FLUICS is a new word that unites two components that are present in every life sciences research lab: FLUIDS and MECHANICS. Biology and biochemistry is about living matter which is only possible through water. To run experiments these liquids, solutions, fluids are handled and analyzed with mechanical parts and machines. FLUICS CONNECT bridges the gap between the experimental work, hardware and reagents in the lab with their digital twins in the digital cloud-based workspace

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