Whether you are looking to manage your experiments, set up a new lab or grow your company, FLUICS CONNECT has a solution to help you get organized with all your inventory and samples.

Three steps to get on board:

#1 The app

Download the app for FREE with your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS).

Start exploring sample- and inventory-related features like “add”, “update”, and “search”.

#2 The starter set

Unbox the plug & play printer and connect it to your cloud workspace to print labels from the app.

With the provided labels you are ready to enjoy the simplicity of tracking your inventory.

A smartphone for the lab is optionally available.

#3 Pay for what you need

Flexible pricing plans. Pay-per-use or yearly subscriptions are available.

In addition, we continuously develop for our power users and enterprises additional new features and implementations to existing lab software. 

To be among the first ones to use FLUICS CONNECT get invited to the Preview.