Tissue staining technologies

Automation for manual tissue immunostainings: Introducing new quality standards for laboratories in pharmaceutical and academic research.



  • Homogeneous staining
  • Reliable results
  • Validated protocols

Digital documentation

  • Fast results overview
  • Access and share results online

Increasing productivity

  • Easy handling
  • Maximal walk-away time
  • 30-50% faster protocols

Fair price

  • Small bioreagent volumes
  • 30% cheaper than clinical staining robots

Full flexibility

  • Use any detection kit
  • Freely adjust protocols
  • Small footprint

Happy researchers

  • Make the best out of your valuable time
  • Digitally manage experiments and results


FLUICS is based at the Technical University Munich and financially supported by the European Union through an ERC Proof-of-Concept grant.


The FLUICS team has extensive first-hand experience and know-how in biomedical research.


The team has a broad background in biology, medical research, chemistry, engineering and business development.

Customer focused

FLUICS is developing its technology hand-in-hand with partners from industry and academia.


Dr. Claudio Rolli

Dr. Claudio Rolli

Project lead

Claudio has an interdisciplinary background in chemistry, biophysics, cell biology, and business development. Before developing the FLUICS technology at the Technical University Munich, he fabricated microfluidics-based assays for cell-based diagnostics. His research experience comes from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent systems in Germany, the National Institute for Materials Sciences in Japan and the Weizmann Institute for Sciences in Israel.

Dr. Silvia Fittipaldi

Dr. Silvia Fittipaldi

Assay and applications development

Silvia is a molecular biologist, with a PhD in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. With more than 8 years experience in oncology and cardiovascular disease she has an extensive experience in translational clinical research. She is an expert in all kinds of tissue staining protocols and before developing the FLUICS technology at the Technical University Munich, she was doing science at the  University of Bologna, Italy, the Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA and the Eli Lilly Research Center, UK.

Niclas Reiter

Niclas Reiter

Engineering and prototyping

Fabian Englbrecht

Fabian Englbrecht

Automation and digitalization


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