Innovative biomedical liquid handling technology

FLUICS develops a compact, mobile and automated liquid handling platform for biomedical research and diagnostics. Its aim is to become an integral part of the smart laboratory of the future.

Cost saving

Through an innovative microfluidic technology the FLUICS platform uses 35 % less reagent volumes for standard biomedical assays. Its fully automated design, frees up user hands-on time enabling to run experiments and diagnostics around the clock.

Increasing efficiency

Biomedical research suffers from an irreproducibility crisis. The automated FLUICS technology replaces error-prone manual liquid handling steps in standard experiments and assays. Its built-in documentation makes it easy to repeat experiments and share protocols between users.

New experiments

The FLUICS platform is easily integrated with standard lab equipment such as microscopes, plate-readers and other analytical instrumentation, providing new and fully automated lab solutions.


Lightweight and with a small footprint (size of paperback book), the FLUICS technology is portable and designed for use in different lab settings, such as on the bench, under the hood, or inside an incubator.


The FLUICS technology is remotely controlled from a tablet with an intuitive software. Experiment routines can be selected from a library or individually designed and optimized by the user.


Unlike today’s automated liquid handling solutions – bulky instruments, sitting in a faraway room, serving many users – the compact and autonomous design offers an individual, portable unit for each user. Thus, the FLUICS technology provides flexibility to automation.
FLUICS is based at the Technical University Munich and financially supported by the European Union through an ERC Proof-of-Concept grant.


The FLUICS team has extensive first-hand experience and know-how in biomedical research.


The team has a broad background in biology, physics, chemistry, micro systems technology and business development.

Customer focused

FLUICS is developing its technology hand-in-hand with partners from industry and academia.

Dr. Claudio Rolli has an interdisciplinary background in chemistry, biophysics, and cell biology. Before developing the FLUICS technology at the Technical University Munich, he fabricated microfluidics-based assays for cell-based diagnostics. His research experience comes from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent systems in Germany, the National Institute for Materials Sciences in Japan and the Weizmann Institute for Sciences in Israel.

Ariane Welzmüller has a proven track record in setting up and developing small and medium sized companies. She has also been actively involved in bringing new products to the market and controlling business operation. At FLUICS she is responsible for the business development.

Dr. Ariel Livne has a PhD in physics and extensive experience in biophysics and cell biology. He is an expert in automation technology and before developing the FLUICS technology at the Technical University Munich, he was doing science at the Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute of Science, both in Israel.


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